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The 2016 App Store Optimization Guide – Cpi Ad Networks Described By Cpimobi com

This article about App Store Optimization (also known as ASO or App Store SEO) will teach you everything you need to know about rules, tools and techniques that will help you succeed in 2015’s mobile app industry. To provide their relevancy with your app, some keyword tools should be used like Sensor Tower , App Annie , App Tweak , and MobileDevHQ Analyzing your competitors’ keywords can help you understand the most-used keywords, inspire you and help you avoid the potential traps. Google Play cpimobi searching algorithm, in turn, parses your app description and title to find relevant keywords. Both Apple and Google weigh the words used in the app title/name heavily when cpimobi apps for search result rankings. After all, you can find a great developer to build the app (in case you have the budget), but you can also start with cpimobi lean version.

You can only upload a maximum of five screen shots, yet the App Store’s only going to show up to three in the gallery. The section below, though, is where you can really focus on making sure you include your relevant keywords and talk about the app’s individual features. While keywords should be carefully used, they should not obscure nor damage readability. While you shouldn’t beg your users for high ratings, by strategically marketing your app, and presenting users with a high-quality app with a good UI and UX, your app should receive high ratings that will increase the app’s visibility in the marketplace. Without App Store optimization, it’s going to be very hard for people to discover your app, since there were 1.5 million apps in the store as of July 2015! The most important aspect to understand is that keyword rankings change often according to trends, app store changes or the competition. Localizations: There are 147 iTunes App stores throughout the world with 28 languages available.

Believe that singular keywords are losing their effectiveness due to high competition, and that latest algorithm changes work in favour of more intelligent search results that look at not only the keywords, but a combination of title, category, keywords and description. Setting some KPIs to track impressions, pageviews, downloads, retention and engagement will help you monitor your ASO efforts over time and find opportunities to improve your app and keyword rankings. A Description of your app should be written in clear English and provide the most information in the first two first sentences. Track the bad reviews (which often occur from bug in you app)and try to fix anything.

The best way to stay on top of your ASO is to just keep playing around with your keywords to constantly rank well for them. Introduction to App Store Optimization (ASO) on iOS is a two hour video course that focuses on teaching you everything you need to know about ASO on the App Store. Store Maven is one of the most popular tools for building and optimizing your actual app store listing and doing user studies. App store optimization begins by creating your app listing (title, description, screenshots, etc.) in either the App Store and continues by tweaking each of your app listing’s elements in order to maximize your visibility and ability to convert visitors into users. In addition, there are more and more apps that are published on the App Store each day!


As the name implies, it’s all about cpi ad networks app promotion relevant keywords describing your mobile app. Now we turn our attention to how Google Play and the Apple App Store are different. SensorTower’s organic approach to ASO has helped it quickly establish a reputation through its fully automated Keyword App Ranking Tracking tool that gives developers access to accurate data on a per-keyword basis. App stores that are able to monitor this can see how satisfied people are with your app and how many people uninstall it. Obviously, the first step is to have an awesome app that provides value, offers utility and keeps users engaged. People will almost always download an app that has a high percentage of positive store optimization services

According to research conducted by App Annie, which was published in The Wall Street Journal, Google Play Store outnumbers Apple App Store both in terms of available iOS apps and the total number of downloads. As has been mentioned Apple has very tough restrictions and demands for apps approval in the App Store. This is something that only matters for Google Play, since, like Google’s search engine, it takes PageRank into consideration. Ultimately, the higher your app ranks, the more visible it is to potential customers. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a must for any Android developer who wants to get noticed in the crowded Google Play Store marketplace. It is also highly encouraged to use single keywords instead of longtail keywords because it gives the algorithm more possible combinations. Also write down the keywords you already added to your app within iTunes Connect.

Your app may be the voice of your company, but recent research from Newzoo , a global research firm focused on games, makes it clear that providing users a ‘voice’ in your app through recommendations is the best way to delight existing users and recruit new ones. Visuals do not directly affect the ranking algorithms but they do play a major factor in branding and giving them an idea of your app. They take place in different ecosystems ‘” people searching in the App Store behave differently than when they search the web. For example, look at Run Keeper – a fitness tracking app, or Weather Underground – a popular weather app. We will pick and use only those app screenshots that are best placed to illustrate the uniqueness of the app and, which can encourage more downloads. In fact, app store optimization (ASO) is an emerging popular term in mobile technology these days.

Be more specific and you will attract more of the right users to your client’s app. Converting users in the app store is, in many ways, the same as running an offline business—you must convince your customers of why your product is the best. Show common usage situations and tell a ‘story’ to your customers about the usability of your app. How you select keywords and describe your app effects your search ranking and visibility.

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